Painters R Us

"A coat above the rest"

Painters R Us is a General Painting Contracting company – based in Strand, Cape Town.

We are able to provide you with any kind of painting and damp proofing solutions for either you or your business, giving it a fresh and beautiful result.

Drawing from many years of experience, Painters R Us is well positioned for a wide range of painting projects, including:

Stand alone homes, cluster homes within estates, townhouse complexes, offices / office complexes, factory units, schools, guest houses, conference centres and shopping complexes and so much more.



We paint and repair interiors, exteriors, boundary walls as well as roofs.

Our approach is methodical and thorough, which sometimes means stripping old paint down to primer, plaster or brick levels, depending on what’s required in order to do a decent job that yields lasting results. This often requires the use of high pressure steam cleaners to strip off old, inferior paintwork.

Old paint removed with high pressure steam cleaners
Boundry Wall - Before
Boundry Wall - After
04 Preparation

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